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Category: PC

Release Description:
Fight your way to fame, fortune and glory in this first-person puncher roguelite as you work to retrieve the fabled Spartan Fist. Playing as Emma Jones, a down-and-out detective working to earn her keep, you’ll tap your inner badass as you punch dudes so hard they explode. Navigate through an arena that’s different each time you play and delve into a whimsically gritty and colorfully punk pixilated world while fighting your way to the top.

Grab your TV or monitor, and your gamepad (or mouse & keyboard), and get punching!


  • Radical first-person punching aimed at ultimate satisfaction
  • New arenas to explore every time you play, chock full of new stuff to wreck
  • A double fistful of fun to button-mash combo slammin’ action with a high skill ceiling
  • Earn permanent upgrades to give you a leg-up on your next run through the Gauntlet
  • Colorful and vibrant pixelated characters in tandem with gory violence
  • A ton of different playstyle-changing fist types (to hit dudes with)
  • Mysterious things to dip fists in (maybe it’ll give you power! OR NOT)
  • The punk/chip fusion sounds of “Chipunk” in an all-original soundtrack
  • The continuing saga of Emma and Franky, forever-friends from our previous games

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Glass Bottom Games
Publisher: Glass Bottom Games

Release Name: Spartan.Fist-DARKSiDERS
Size: 445 MB
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Release Description:
Dive into the bizarre world of Epic Loon, a quirky physics platformer for up to 4 players playable in couch co-op or battle mode. An offbeat tribute to classic sci-fi movies, players lead a group of aliens to take over Joe’s TV after they are rudely awakened from their home, an old-school cleaning VHS-tape.

Either go it alone, or play cooperatively with friends. But NOT ONLINE. You’re gonna want to grab some snacks and get the empty candy wrappers off your couch, because you’ll be sitting next to actual people, playing in the same place, at the same time! However you decide to play through the story, you’ll be unlocking new bits of the game that you’ll then get to rampage through in.

Remember those friends you had over for Story Mode? SURPRISE! They’re now your sworn enemies. Race against the clock as your friends race against the SAME EXACT CLOCK, and come out on top. The fastest player gets first place. Are you really going to let people you invited over take the crown away from you? What, do they think they own the place? CRUSH THEIR SPIRITS.

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Macrales Studio
Publisher: Ukuza

Release Name: Epic.Loon.x64-DARKSiDERS
Size: 2.46  GB
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Release Description:
This pack adds four new characters to the roster: Showtime, Cannon Fyodor, Diamond Diva and Dashwell!
Each character has its own unique animations and come in four different colours. Let’s meet the cast!

What’s the point of being the fastest if you don’t look good? With Showtime, it’s all about style. Always looking for new tricks to show off to his fans around the world, Showtime is the perfect combination of speed and entertainment. It’s Showtime!

Huzzaa! Showtime’s partner and lifelong sidekick Cannon Fyodor might be a little crazy, but when it comes to speedrunning, there’s noone like him. After getting bored of being a human cannonball (because only Fyodor would find getting shot out of a cannon at 300mph boring), he decided to come to New Rush City and take on these so-called ‘speedy’ runners to show them what fast really is!

Diamond Diva grew up in the spotlights, as part of the reality show ‘Running with the Speedertons’. After leaving the show she became a social media celebrity, gaining millions of followers on Boostagram, making her the most well-known Speedrunner in New Rush City. But is she the fastest as well? She’s got a lot to prove, but with her confidence and swagger, there’s no doubt she’ll be a fierce contender. #winning!

With a sense of humour as dry as his Martinis, Dashwell quickly became a fan-favourite on ‘Running with the Speedertons’. But when Diamond Diva left, this loyal butler decided it was time for him to leave the show as well and follow her into her new adventure in New Rush City. Always there with a drink and a quip, Dashwell can run a household like no other.

While this DLC pack is released alongside the Civil Dispute! Teamplay update, it’s entirely optional.
You can enjoy all the new teamplay features for free! These skins are purely cosmetic additions that do not affect gameplay.

Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Racing, Sports
Developer: DoubleDutch Games
Publisher: tinyBuild

Release Name: SpeedRunners.Civil.Dispute-PLAZA
Size: 675 MB
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Genre: Strategy
Developer: Firaxis
Publisher: 2k

Release Name: Sid.Meiers.Civilization.VI.Rise.and.Fall.Update.v1.0.0.262-CODEX
Size: 89 MB
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Read changelog.txt for information on updated content!

Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Alexander Goodwin
Publisher: Alexander Goodwin

Release Name: Mechanism.Hotfix-PLAZA
Size: 13 MB
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Release Description:
Trapped in the subway with nothing but a flashlight, no guns or knives around. Not only will you face a ton of puzzles but you will encounter zombies, vicious dogs and a slew of other monsters. Burning zombies with your flashlight and hiding in closets might be the best way to survive but you can choose the way you escape the subway.

The game’s story is centered around real-life events that occurred July 2008 in Long Island, New York when the “Montauk Monster” washed ashore. Beachgoers stood there scared and confused. The monster looked like a strange mix of pig and dog. Not far from the beach was Plum Island Animal Research Center which is known for its innovative animal experiments.
Two years later another monster washed up on shore but this time it was a human with elongated body parts. Reports suggested that Plum Island started experimenting on humans not just animals.

Genre: Adventure, Indie, Simulation
Developer: Side B Gaming
Publisher: Side B Gaming

Release Name: Die.In.The.Dark-PLAZA
Size: 4.3 GB
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Description: Enter the Gungeon: Advanced Gungeons & Draguns is a massive new expansion that extends and refines the original game with new features and incredible variety. Master Gungeoneers will face new challenges with hundreds of new rooms, new enemies, new bosses and a reflex-testing Turbo Mode. And of course, a shot at revenge against everyone’s favorite thief, the Resourceful Rat!

Getting started with Enter the Gungeon has never been easier with more generous drop rates, hundreds of new gun and item synergies, and dozens of totally new weapons and items that will have new players feeling more powerful, more often!


  • Face off against the Gungeon’s most feared and hated resident, the Resourceful Rat! Get your guns-out for the shoot-out of a lifetime.
  • We’ve added a ton of new and powerful synergies – look for the blue arrow and improved item notification to see which items synergize.
  • Synergrace is a new NPC possessing powerful synergy magic, found deep within the Gungeon. Encountering her will instantly complete a synergy with an item in your possession–for a price. Unlocking her also causes a new, mysterious type of chest to appear in reward rooms…
  • Delve into the Gungeon to find Tonic the Sledge-Dog, who can increase the game speed and provide a more challenging mach 1 experience.
  • Overhauled the drop rate which makes the Gungeon a more generous place; this improves shop contents, increases room reward frequency, and tweaks item/chest drop rates, particularly early in runs. This is enabled by default but can be changed in the options menu. We’ve also added many quality of life improvements, including a new ammo box type that refills a bit of ammo for all guns, the ability to send heart pickups to the shop when at full health, teleporters in chest and exit rooms and an option to increase move speed while out of combat.
  • One of our most requested features… slide over tables like a badass.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Dodge Roll
Publisher: Devolver Digital

Release Name: Enter.the.Gungeon.Advanced.Gungeons.and.Draguns-TiNYiSO
Size: 1.41 GB
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Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Atomic Jelly
Publisher: Movie Games

Release Name: Project.Remedium.v1.19.Update-DARKSiDERS
Size: 3.62 GB
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Release Description:
Mechanism – an adventure game about a lonely robot. Dive into the depressive steampunk world that was infected with strange disease called Flegma.

The robot wakes up and find out that his world has changed. Black tumors called Flegma are everywhere. Robots died from this disease. Our hero is totally lost, just as you are. What will You do depends only on Your choice.


  • Explore the world of Mechanism, that changes based on your actions.
  • Solve riddles with objects but be careful cause Flegma can harm not only organic things, but also robots.
  • Game mechanics based on character’s contagion level.
    A lot of exploring, similar to the souls game series! Find every secret corner of a location to understand what happened with the world.
  • The story is driven by visual narrative.
  • Meta-narrative is inside the main story. Maybe this game is not about robots and disease at all…

Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Alexander Goodwin
Publisher: Alexander Goodwin

Release Name: Mechanism-PLAZA
Size: 588 MB
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Release Description:
Paradise Lost is a full-fledged expansion pack for POSTAL 2 continuing the saga of the POSTAL series. Join the Dude as he ventures back into his former hometown embarking on a quest to find his lost dog. Not all is at it seems, as the once tranquil (relatively speaking) town and its citizens have been transformed in the wake of the nuclear destruction. Dare to enter the varied Zones as you cross the Arid Desert, trek through the dense Rainy Foliage, freeze your nuts off in the Nuclear Winter, and roam under the Ashen Skies. Meet the many mysterious factions comprised of the towering, the miniature, the zombified, and everything in between and use your radiant people skills to attempt to ally yourself with their enigmatic leaders, ranging from former child stars to terrifying demonic udder-wielding beasts! Fierce Lawmen, crazed Bandits, deranged Doomsday Survivalists, and a phallic child’s toy mascot await. Do whatever it takes to survive! Wait in lines! Use vending machines! Buy toilet paper! Journey to where it all began to rescue your loyal companion!


  • A complete singleplayer campaign: Brave Monday through Friday with twists and turns each day.
  • Free roam, non-linear, errand-based gameplay: Go do your daily chores or just screw around as you aimlessly run amok in the town!
  • Peaceful vs. Violent decisions: Choose to be a wussy pacifist or wipe out everyone in your way. Hey, it’s the apocalypse, so you’ll probably fit in!
  • New arsenal and items: Take out some unlucky punks with the Revolver! Enact wasteland justice with the Lever-Action Shotgun! Whack some weeds and perhaps other meatier subjects with the Weed Whacker!
  • Dual-wielding: Double your fun with double the gun!
  • Boss battles: Settle some scores once and for all mano a mano.
  • Full controller support: Piss on strangers from the comfort of your couch!
  • The Dude’s original voice: No bogus imposters here!

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Publisher: Running With Scissors
Developer: Running With Scissors

Release Name: Postal.2.Paradise.lost.v5023-I.KnoW
Size: 5.66 GB
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