Midlands-bound Back To The Land meets a husband and wife team, Will and Gillian, who after diversifying her family dairy farm to make ice cream 13 years ago are now diversifying again, to produce the first salt in the famous spa town of Droitwich in over 100 years. Kate joins them as Will has given up a steady salary to join the family business and launch the salt works, investing big cash in the hope it will become a vital part of the farm’s future plans. And Kate gets her hands dirty with Ken the owner of a worm farm, who sells worms for composting food waste, fishing bait as well as a range of home wormeries to make peat free nutrient rich plant fertiliser. And we meet a local entrepreneur Adam, who with no farming experience decided he wanted to grow chillis – he now farms 400 chilli plants and creates recipes for his range of chilli jams, jellies and vinegars. We also visit Brad, a self-styled leather aficionado who produces a range of handcrafted and designed leather products sold all over the world tanned in his workshop in Shropshire.


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